Cashmere 2-Wick Candle 11oz

Cashmere 2-Wick Candle 11oz

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This candle is handcrafted in small batches by artisans. Using only the highest quality fragrances and essential oils designed to perfectly accent your environment with lush, memorable fragrances that refresh, purify, and inspire. Matchbox included.

Soft and sensual cashmere drapes the skin, comforting warmth on a brisk day, memories of home.

Amber   /   Amber Woods   /   Patchouli   
  • 100% natural biodegradable soy wax and cotton braided wicks.
  • A combination of therapeutic-grade essential oils, naturals, and fine fragrances.
  • Hand-poured in recyclable glass.
  • 11oz

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