Salt and Pepper Set by Quail Ceramics


Many of the unique Quail designs range from pouring drinks to holding eggs or containing salt and pepper - they are more than pretty faces.

Style: Maran Hen & Cockerel

  • Maran Hen & Cockerel
  • Wild Rabbits
  • Herdwick Sheep
  • Light Sussex Chicken

U.K. based Quail Ceramics creates distinctive and stylish pieces for the table. Quirky yet elegant, their products boast traditionally British designs with a modern, cheeky twist. 

  • Handpainted stoneware.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Maran Hen & Cockerel Rooster
  • Wild Rabbits
  • Herdwick Sheep 
  • Light Sussex Chicken
    • 10.5 cm approx.