Teixidors: Special Company, Exquisite and Eco-Friendly Product

Teixidors is a small-scale textile maker based in Barcelona, with sustainability and responsible consumerism at the heart of the company, and Misto Lino is honored and thrilled to now carry some of their beautiful items!

The company is a cooperative with a clear social vocation and mission: to improve economic dependence by employing people with disabilities, and therefore at risk of social exclusion. All items are made by hand on wooden looms; in fact, from the spinning of the yarn all the way to the finished product, every single aspect of production follows a completely manual process.

Each piece is imperfectly perfect! According to the company: The handloom allows the edges of our pieces have a delightfully imperfect finish. A blanket becomes a piece of art full of nuances, reflecting the individuality of each weaver.

Cashmere gloves...a luxurious, durable, and timeless gift.

We invite you to stop by and feel the wonderfulness.



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