STAFF PICKS! Perfect Gift Ideas Under $99

You want to give a gift that's memorable, but not toooo crazy expensive, right? Say something for your best friend, sister, your in-laws, your assistant who daily saves your life... Check out these can't-go-wrong items:

The quintessential nut bowl by William Yeoward. Stunning simplicity. They'll be saying for years, every time they see you, "That bowl you gave us? We use it...ALL. THE. TIME."  Handmade glass, 5" diameter.  $58.

Some gifts are best given a few weeks before Christmas, so the holiday-ness of it can be enjoyed that much more. Behold such a gift! If you love being out in the snow, you know that when you get inside, the best thing to do is curl up under a super cozy, warm blanket. This festive and fully reversible knit blanket features, skaters, skiiers, boarders, and sledders, doing what they love to do most! $90.00

Everyone adores these gorgeous handblown vessels and customers frequently buy them in multiples because, well...who wouldn't love one? Magnificent color, skilled craftsmanship and extreme versatility make these Blenko water bottles the perfect gift. No two are exactly alike, and now they come in 6"-tall "minis!" Made in West Virginia, $46-$58

Faux fur key rings...need we say more? Everyone knows someone for whom this little lovely would invoke a serious happy dance. Evelyne Prelonge key rings with elegant silver tone carabiner and faux fur pom pom. Made in France, $60

Handcarved from olive wood, these incredibly beautiful and special holy family pieces are produced by a family in Bolzano (south Tyrol, Italy), in business since 1932. We absolutely love and adore them, and our customers leave them displayed year-round. Made in Italy, $38-$78

Every time we get a shipment of vases from Quail Ceramics in England, pretty much the entire staff squeals with delight and shrieks phrases such as "I can't even" and OMG, stop!" and "I need to call my customer who's obsessed with (insert name of animal)." They're guaranteed to put a smile on any animal lover's face. (The last photo was actually sent to us by a customer to show us how happy her goat is in his new home.) Made in England, $80

We look forward to seeing you soon!

A presto!

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