Perfect Percale: The Sheet We Love For Summer

Happy summer!!

As temperatures soar into the 90s and beyond (what happened to spring?), trying to find ways to stay cool and comfortable while also getting a good night's sleep can be, well, elusive at best. 

How to overcome the challenge of sweaty nights filled with tossing, turning, and continually pulling one leg out of your sheets and lopping it atop the bed, as a way to cool yourself down? The answer is as simple as one word: Percale.

Contrary to popular belief, percale is not a type of cotton. It's actually a type of weave. Think back to first grade: remember the "over-one, under-one" pattern you followed to make masterpieces with colorful strips of construction paper? That's the percale weave! This formation, woven on a loom, makes for sheets that are crisp, smooth, and feel exactly the same on both sides. 

(The percale weave is also handy for making lovely pie decorations....YUM!)

SDH Fine European Linens produces a gorgeous array of percale sheets that add a light and breezy elegance to any bed; their 19-color collection is called Capri Percale, which, in addition to bed sheets, is also available in pillow cases, duvet covers, and bed skirts. The fabric is a 465-thread count Egyptian cotton, lovingly woven in Italy.

And in case your color and design taste runs toward the non-solid, you're in luck! One of our favorites is Rugby, showcasing a bold, sporty stripe pattern.  

So for that cooler sleep experience during the summer, as well as for people whose body temps just naturally tend to run extra warm at night, (we get're hot!), we highly recommend crisp and light percale. Our expert staff looks forward to helping you explore all the options for a comfortable, healthy, and dreamy night's sleep.

Stay cool!

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