Layering Your Bed - Get The Look (No Rules, Just Fun)

Love the look of a “layered” bed, but aren’t quite sure how to pull it off without your bedroom looking like a textile factory exploded? Fret not! Whether you reside in a penthouse, cottage, urban loft or college dorm, the look is gettable, and you.

Layering a bed basically means to combine fabrics, textures, patterns and colors to produce a bed that expresses movement, exudes comfort, and has one uncontrollably uttering the words, "I need to take a nap. Now." 

A layered bed beckons in the best of ways: It's wonderfully inviting without being overly formal, (because seriously...who wants to be intimidated by their own bed?), and is relaxed-looking without appearing too casual.

This mix-and-match style can produce a variety of vibes, depending on what you’re going for--from glam to rustic, coastal to shabby chic, traditional to ethnic, and every decor style in between.  

Remember: there are no rules—just guidelines. Here are some tips to get you started. Consider these your training wheels, play around a bit, then off you go on two wheels…without Dad holding onto the back of the bike!

Begin with the basics: top sheet, fitted sheet, and pillow cases. Have these match so that you have a nice, clean base. White, ivory, ecru, parchment…all wonderful foundations on which to build.

Add a coverlet and matching pillow shams. Then top it off with a duvet cover and decorative pillows. That's pretty much it! Easy, no?

For those of you not familiar with the term, a coverlet is simply a bed cover--as opposed to a traditional bedspread. (Remember those...designed to cover the entire bed, pulled up over the pillows, tucked next to the headboard, and draping all the way to the floor? See below for a nostalgic reminder.)

Conversely, a coverlet is designed to reach from the top of the bed to just a bit below the boxspring, and is often sold with matching shams. It's a cleaner, more modern look, and very in vogue right now.

Masaccio coverlet by Signoria di Firenze

Don't be afraid of combining fabrics...toss that nonsense out the window and combine away! Let them get to know each! Get engaged! Marry! Below, this linen duvet and cotton/silk blend coverlet are a match made in heaven.

Pattern phobia, be gone! Blending paisleys and other patterns (even geometric) results in interesting depth and gorgeousness.

Striped duvet cover coupled with both a wiggly-lined pillow and a monogrammed, chic, and may even have your friends asking you for help on their bedroom remodel.

Rougher textures joined at the hip to soft fabrics...can I get an amen?

A few last inspirational pics before we kick you out of the nest, so to spread your newfound bed-layering wings and fly on your own!

However, should you need more ideas, tips, tricks, etc., by all means come see us! We would love to help!


Have fun!!!



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