From Our Holiday Home To Yours

How did it get to be the holiday season...already?! 

Seems we blink and that time of year is upon us. From here on out, the season just picks up steam and most of us do what we can just to hang on for dear life: Making sure we haven't left anyone off our gift lists, sprucing up our homes for guests, vacuuming pine needles, trying to find that one light that's causing the whole string not to light up, digging through recipe folders for Auntie Joan's spinach dip, trying to figure out how we can squeeze in (or get out of) yet one more holiday cocktail party, having ornaments break (hopefully not the Italian ones you bought at Misto Lino), vacuuming more pine needles...

What's meant to be "the most wonderful time of the year" often comes with a sizable dollop of anxiety.
THE GOOD NEWS...we're here for you! From beautiful bedding to that perfect tablecloth, from gorgeous dinnerware to unique, affordable gifts, there's no better place to find all your holiday décor and gifts in one spot. (Two, actually, since we have two locations!)

Our staff is utterly, passionately, and ridiculously knowledgeable in all things bedding and gifting. Let us help make your holiday season easier so that you can focus on the important, friends, and the spirit of the season!

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