Find Your Tribe. Smother them with love.

Yesterday, a customer came into our Danville store location. She was perusing the tabletop items on a certain shelf, and I was a few cabinets down, searching for a gone-missing tea towel. “Excuse me,” she said, holding up a pewter and glass sugar vessel. “This sugar, do you think brown sugar would go stale in it, if left for a while?”

She was referring to a beautiful, pewter-clad glass jar with spoon, (a "sugar"), made by Arte Italica, meticulously etched with a delicate pattern reminiscent of vintage lace. One of our beloved vendors, Arte Italica designs and imports hand-crafted tabletop and home decor pieces from Italy, specializing in pewter, ceramic, and glass. Everything they produce is done so with love, passion and care, aligning perfectly with our raison d'être. 

Just outside Florence, view from the home of Arte Italica's designer...
lucky me, being invited to dinner!

It will be fine,” I assured her, pointing out that there was only a teensy gap in the lid where air could get in. This then led to one of those “did you know?” conversations; I let her know that if in fact brown sugar ever does harden a bit (or a lot), simply put it in a microwave-safe bowl, lay a damp paper towel on top, then pop it in the microwave for 10-20 seconds. It softens up to good-as-new!

She then shared with me her interest in the sugar: that she loves to add brown sugar to her steamed milk in the morning, which she then adds to her espresso. Salivating as she described the process, I remarked that it sounded wonderful. "Oh, it's incredible, you should try it!" she exclaimed. "I just don't like digging into a plastic bag of brown sugar, though, you know?  I'd love to have something pretty, that I could just keep on my counter." 

Sigh...a tribe member. At that moment I wanted to give her an enormous hug (although that would've been a bit awkward). Someone who understands that the special little things you incorporate into everyday living--and yes, even for yourself--are what we at Misto Lino are simply crazy for. Yes, use the good towels! Drink wine from the good wine glasses! Burn the good candles!

Your tribe. People who get you and what you’re about. Encountering them, (especially at your own place of business!), makes for a deliciously gratifying, feel-good day.




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