FILL POWER - What the Fluff?

A quick tutorial on what makes some down products loftier than others...

What fill power IS:  a cubic measurement, representing the loft (fluffiness) and quality of down products.

What fill power is NOT:  a measure of firmness, which begs the question: How is firmness adjusted within a down comforter or pillow?

Answer: By the amount of down stuffed into the comforter’s or pillow’s shell. (Ex: a "soft" down pillow might contain 12 oz. of down, while a "firm" one might contain 16 oz.)

So while 800 fill power pillows are no firmer than those with 600 fill power, the 800s will loft higher, last longer, and sleep warmer. And with a high fill power, less down is required to fill the same amount of space.


Higher fill power means larger down clusters...which, by the way:

- Trap more air, meaning greater insulating power.

-  Loft higher. (Oh....the glorious fluff!)

-  Come from mature geese. (Conversely, low fill power means the down clusters are small and most likely come from young/immature geese.)

 -  Keep you warmer. Think sleeping bags: one with high quality down (large clusters!) are actually lighter and more insulating than heavier sleeping bags stuffed with poor quality (small cluster) down. So while it sounds counter-intuitive, the larger the down cluster, the lighter the product will be.

Generally, "good quality" down products start at around 550 fill power. SDH Purists down pillows and comforters are 700 fill power, made with European White Goose Down.

Below:  Each of the 3 jars contains exactly one ounce of down. The number at the bottom represents the cubic inches occupied by the down. The jars are filled with down, then a weight is dropped in to compress the contents. The weight is then removed and the clusters are allowed to spring back. That's when the cubic measurement is taken…check it out!

Our staff members are all experts on goose down products (fluffology), and would love to help you select the PERFECT down products for your lifestyle! Come see us!

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