As with all special occasions in Italy, welcoming a newborn is always cause for a huge and joyful celebration. (Don't even get me started on the magnitude of baptisms.) And at Misto Lino, we feel the same way...bring on the bambini! Which is why we put so much thought, care, and fun(!) into one of our favorite areas in the store.

Our Bambini department has greatly expanded in the past year, and we can't begin to explain the fun we have when receiving and displaying all the adorable items. From the sweet and goofy characters that find their way onto our shelves... the most scrumptiously cozy blankies and pillows on earth.

Our ever-growing selection of books is a huge hit with our little customers. 

Even staff members can be found catching up on a little reading. What happens next, Norma?

 Puzzles and pop-outs...we've got 'em!

Need some friends to hang on the nursery wall? These cheeky chaps are handmade in England from 100% eco-friendly felt...perfect for keeping your little one company as they nod off to dreamland.

Lovely items for lovely toddler girls include this Princess and the Pea playset. Handmade with love, it's a truly heirloom quality play space with 7 quilted mattress, crocheted princess and pea, and a beautiful gift box castle that transforms into a royal suite. 

And for boys who feel the need for speed...

We've even got you covered from the table.... the bathroom... the beach!

The above is just a small peek into our array of cool and unique baby and toddler items. Our staff is truly BAMBINI CRAZY, and we look forward to helping you select the perfect baby gift!


Lisa Cecconi
Brand Manager
Misto Lino


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