Welcome to our blog!

It’s with excitement, anticipation—and goosebumps!—that we launch our blog, Via Misto Lino, together with our brand new website.

As the Brand Manager for Misto Lino, I feel beyond fortunate to be elected the one who gets to pen this blog. Writing about a place where you feel lucky to go every day, a staff that is truly inspired, customers who are more like friends, AND an atmosphere that has you surrounded by beautiful things every single day? Not a bad gig!

That said, with this blog, we hope to not only engage and connect with our followers, friends, customers, community, (and anyone else who wants to join the party!), but to entertain, educate, inform, and share our passion. Which is? you ask. It’s simple. Appreciation. For craftsmanship, quality, those who allow us the privilege of offering their incredibly special goods in our stores, stories of how something came to be…these are the things we cherish, appreciate, and the reasons we love coming to work every day.

For instance, as I sit here writing in the office I share with our owner, Susan Farrell, I am surrounded by 1) gorgeous merchandise that has been rolling in for the holidays, 2) breathtaking items from Tuscany that have just arrived from an April buying trip, and 3) boxes, props, catalogs, wayward pine cones, bubble wrap, and stuff we can’t find any other place to put. (Do extension cords multiply at night?) Cozy quarters notwithstanding, never does a morning go by where we don’t sit here with our coffee, look around, and feel genuinely excited about what the day will bring.

We look so forward to embarking on this journey with you, and to welcoming you into our home.

A presto!


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