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There's a brand new kid in town at Misto Lino, and her name is UASHMAMA!


Pronounced "Wash Mama," the core product is a variety of washable paper bags, including everything from wine bags to teensy little bags that can hold a bundle of pencils, to gorgeous, chic satchels. I stumbled upon this lovelyand oh-so-Tuscan product while on holiday this past summer. 

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My mom had generously rented a villa for the family, (don't hate me), and as the place wouldn't be ready until late afternoon, we asked our driver, Andrea, if he could recommend a great place for lunch inside the walls of Lucca. "Canuleia!" he said enthusiastically, and moments later we were there.

As we emerged from the van, he added, (knowing I worked in retail, selling European products), "You, Lisa, will especially love it, Lisa! Uashmama bags are on all the tables holding little plants!" Bags? Holding plants? Scusa? He then explained about the Uashmama collection and its parent company, Le Sorelle, which is comprised of four daughters and their parents. Sure enough, on the table in the garden restaurant was a linen-colored Uashmama paper bag holding a flowering plant. Beyond charming!

Below: Marco Marconi flanked by the women in his life (and coworkers!) beginning on the left with his wife Emanuela, followed by daughters Gemma, Chiara, Giulia, and Gaia.

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The company has three retail stores, one in Lucca, Montecatini, and San Gimignano. The charm, quaintness, and quality of products therein (they also carry AMAZING soaps), surround you like a big, warm Italian hug...making you never want to leave (or at least wishing there were a Le Sorelle store in the U.S.!)

Their shimmery metallic wine bags are the perfect holiday gift. What host wouldn't be excited if their guest showed up with one of these glimmering beauties!

...and white wine will never go cold with the freezer inserts to chill the bottle in its beautiful Uashmama bag. Just pop it in the freezer, then drop it in the bag with your wine.

Tote bags are chic, causal, and yes...also washable! Hand wash in cold water using a mild detergent, then rinse thoroughly, reshape, and lie flat to dry.



Above and below, the "Shine Bag" in black and camel.

The "washable paper" evokes sensations of warmth similar to leather, and is completely natural. The manufacturing process is similar to leather in that the paper is stretched and tanned, making it durable to withstand daily use and washing. 


UASHMAMA washable paper is completely handmade, and holds its form so it can be used over and over again, promoting sustainability perfect for catering and homewares.

No, these aren't supermodels...they're the four sisters of Le Sorelle. 

 Visit our stores to see Uashmama products...you'll seriously fall in love.



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