Tuscan Blood, Iron Beauty

Along with life-altering food, a family-is-everything philosophy, (ok, soccer is kinda up there too), rich history, scenery that makes you cry, and a unbridled zest for life, small family artisans are the heart and soul of Italy. And--(lucky us!)--we get to work with them personally, all year round.

Seeing as how pictures famously speak louder than words, we thought we'd share some images of one of our most beloved vendors from Tuscany: the Biagiotti family. (pronounced: bee-uh-JO-tee). 

The Biagiotti family
Left to right: Giovanni, Alfredo, Mario, Samuele, Alberto

Wrought iron is in the Biagiottis' blood, their bones, their spirit, their DNA...and the products they create are living proof. Their factory lies in Pienza, a small town nestled in the province of Siena in the Val d'Orcia between the towns of Montalcino and Montepulciano.

The iconic hills of the Val d'Orcia

The family handcrafts gorgeous pieces for the home including candleholders, chandeliers, fireplace grills, andirons, coat racks, lamps, sconces, furniture, and full-blown gates. 

The showroom...a feast for the senses

Dragon doorknocker, anyone?

Watching the Biagiottis create is truly poetry in motion...complete with sparks flying and tiny showers of iron. Yours truly snapped the below photo during my last visit:  Samuele making magic happen!

A little later, upstairs, brother Alberto gives me a tour of the showroom...

They also make stunning outdoor sconces, posts and other fixtures, with a truly medieval vibe. (If you visit The Castello in the Napa Valley and notice a similar aesthetic, that's because much of the wrought iron work was done by the Biagiotti family!)


View just outside the showroom. Sigh...

Two favorites of our customers are the cypress trees, offered in sizes from about 10 inches high (all the way up to seven feet!), and a wine bottle cradle; a burly and gorgeous showpiece, made for spotlighting off that extra special bottle of wine.

Everything they do is made with skilled hands, passion, finesse, muscle, love, care, sweat, and the unrelenting Italian commitment to beauty.

Need some wrought iron gorgeousness in your life? Let us know...we'll have the Biagiotti family custom-make you something amazing!


Lisa Cecconi
Brand Manager
Misto Lino

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