Wine Gift? Wrap It Up!

Want to add an extra special touch to the wine bottle you're bringing to your friends' house this weekend? We have the perfect suggestion...wrap it up!

Customers frequently ask us, as they see beautifully-swaddled wine bottles all over our stores, if we can teach them how to do "the wrap." And while there are several methods for wrapping a wine bottle in a tea towel (see above pic--all very easy!), here's a step-by-step tutorial on the wrap for which we get the most requests. It takes about one minute to perform (once you get the hang of it), and always gets raves from the lucky recipient. 

1) Lay a tea towel face down, with one of the lengthwise corners pointing to the top, then fold one third of the towel inward.

2) Fold the upper right side inward just enough to make the entire towel a perfect square.


3) Take the bottom corner and fold it upward so that a perfect triangle is made. Then lay your bottle of wine in the center, with the label front and center.

4) Roll the bottle to the right, then bring the right-hand triangle point over the top of the bottle, and start rolling--very snugly!--to the left. You'll be left with a small "tail."

5) You're almost there! Tuck the tail under the bottom of the wrap.

6) Present proudly to your hostess!

For more wine bottle wrap ideas, visit either of our stores. Our sales associates are all well-versed in making gifts look their best!

Cin Cin!

Lisa Cecconi
Brand Manager
Misto Lino


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