Pitcher Perfect: Beautiful Gifts Under $100

Familiar scenario: You’re invited to a wedding, and want to buy a thoughtful gift--something the couple will actually like (and maybe even use!) But after eyeing their wedding registry, you're feeling a bit wobbly about finding a great (or even decent) gift under $100.

Lucky you! Lucky everyone! It’s Simon Pearce to the rescue!

The man himself, Simon Pearce, back in the day!

The man himself, Simon Pearce, back in the day!

Handmade in America by skilled glassblowers using centuries-old techniques, Simon Pearce products are created using only lead-free glass. Founded in 1971 in Kilkenny, Ireland, the operation was moved in 1981 to Quechee, Vermont. (Side note: If you ever get a chance to visit, they have a fantastic restaurant onsite, overlooking a dam and covered bridge. Charming, warm, wonderful...pretty much like walking into a storybook.)

Here are a few of our Simon Pearce staff favorites for gifts...all $80 or less!

Small Barre pitcher - $75

While it appears meant for liquid, this sleek, contemporary pitcher is something we always use at the store to put on display, loading them with nuts or candies. Clean lines make it easy to handle, and because you can just shake out your goodies (instead of plunging your hand inside), it's even better than a typical candy dish.


Small Woodbury Pitcher - $80 

The squared-off shape makes it modern, casual, and an all-around great staple. Fill with milk or cream for coffee service, pile high with maraschino cherries for the bar, or--speaking of Vermont--this little guy makes a spectacular addition to the breakfast table when filled with pure, sweet maple syprup.


Extra Small Meriden Pitcher - $80

With its shapely curves, stable base, and sturdy handle, the Meriden has a decidely more traditional feel. When filled with small bunches of flowers or sprigs of fresh herbs, this mini-pitcher really gets to show off her country-rustic-chic side.


You can’t go wrong with any of these great pieces by the amazing Simon Pearce. Any recipient of one of his gorgeous, fun, handcrafted vessels will be sure to cherish it!

"I searched until I found Ireland in Vermont."  ~ Simon Pearce


Lisa Cecconi
Brand Manager
Misto Lino

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